Investing in Africa

July 3, 2008

As discussed in my last post, getting exposure to the markets’ least developed economies is hard to do with exchange-traded funds. The African continent seems to garner only slightly more investor interest than Antarctica and that interest has thus far mostly been focused on Africa’s most developed countries. Read the rest of this entry »


Emerging, Frontier, and Obscure Markets

June 24, 2008

Emerging markets have had their moment in the spotlight for some time now and have provided a welcome alternative to the more established and developed markets of the U.S., Western Europe, and Japan.

After a very strong run in recent years, the emerging markets are hardly an unknown place to invest and it is certainly too late to get in on the ground floor.

It may be time to take a look at the lowest rung on the ladder of developing countries: Frontier Markets, or Frontier Countries. Read the rest of this entry »